Don't just listen to me

On making a splash:

"My company had a huge challenge in that our service was an unknown in our industry. With Steve’s help, we penetrated the marketplace with great recognition and visibility and were the talk of our annual trade show. Recently, Steve helped us create a winning bid for our most major contract to date. His input and enthusiasm helped us stand head and shoulders above the competition." – Art Hulscher | President & CEO | ADA Ride

On creating value:

"Steve's contribution to GEFs Marketing Strategy and Brand building created a distinct presence in the sports travel, hospitality and ticket industry. The voice, face and personality he developed resonated with fans, corporate clients and official partners. His input assisted in securing an exclusive four year partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL) and a number of NHL team sponsorships, which increased the value of the company and lead to an exit." – Ian R. Chalmers | President | Global Event Forum

On Marketing a film:
"Steve has an uncanny ability to "be" the audience without sacrificing the essence of what the filmmaker is trying to express. This is coupled to a highly professional work ethic that is ceaseless when it comes to finding solutions to put the film in front of people and create excitement for it. It is a comforting feeling knowing that, as hard as you worked to make the film, he is in there with you working with equal ardor to see that it has a long life. For me, that meant developing a highly creative video ad campaign that captured the attitude of my film and presenting it as an experience to share with friends. He organized and supervised the entire campaign and delivered on time, on budget. His work speaks for itself. In fact, it's so good, it could be its own entertainment ecosystem outside the film it was created to promote. As satisfied as I was with the work Steve did, what stands out to me the most, is the way he would call and/or text with new ideas and thoughts about strategy as though we were in a constantly evolving landscape and playing with a living thing. Which, in fact, we were. The most important element a filmmaker requires when it comes to selling their picture is a partner vested in its success like Steve is. I can't recommend him enough." – Clif Lord | Filmmaker
On making it happen:
"Thanks again for doing everything so promptly. Because of you, we're ready to go tomorrow morning."  – Louis Frangella | NY Islanders
On being on it:
"Steve does a great job of combining our short-term strategies with our long term Brand goals. Creatively, he's always thinking outside the box, while maintaining the company vision." – John McPhail | Managing Director | Highland Capital Group
On being into it:

"Anyone fortunate enough to work with Steve will quickly appreciate his passion and get it done attitude.” – Dr. Rob | Director | MaxHealthLA

On writing:
“His dirty jokes really are dirty.” – Robert Cait | Comedian
On collaboration:
"If I need it written, Steve writes it. Heck, he wrote this.” – Charlie Teal | Web Developer
On creating first impressions:
"That’s a solid deck you created - I'll get back with you about it all soon." – Graham Siderius | Corporate Partnerships Manager | Anaheim Ducks
On knowing what they meant:

"My site looks amazing. I'm obsessed with it." – Katie Danza | Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert

On creative leadership:
"With Steve at the helm, I'm always able to do my best work and never have to deal with all the client stuff." – Spencer Balliet | Designer